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Holiday2Did you know that sales of coffee spike up to 40% during the Holiday season? While many Roasters and brands are surely aware of the peak season and have prepared for the sales spike by stocking extra inventory, we have a feeling that this year could be another record-breaker for single-serve (k-cup®) sales. The single-serve format is the fastest growing segment in coffee and single-serve continues to be among the highest selling SKUs in grocery stores around the US. We’re busy and booking up very quickly, so we strongly recommend contacting us to place a first order or to make a re order while there’s still enough time to deliver more retail-ready packages to your doorstep!

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Capacity2We couldn’t be more excited to announce our plans to expand production, which means we’re adding another fully operational state-of-the-art production line bringing our capacity to over 200 million cups per year! Thanks to our friends, customers and supporters things have become so busy that we’ve barely had time to take a breath let alone reflect on our growth and accomplishments. With a second line coming soon, we’re poised to be one of the largest co-packing facilities in the US!

With new brands and varieties emerging in our single-cups each week, we’re working hard to support our customers supplying the thirsty single-serve market. Most recently, Intelligent Blend’s Recyclable Eco-Cups won the People’s Choice Award for Best Product in Packaging at the 2014 SCAA Symposium in Seattle, WA., our new online retail channel, is also growing very quickly with customers all over the United States. We’re working on so many exciting new and top secret things that I can’t wait to share with you!

OpenBrew2“Open Platform” simply means capable of working with ALL single-cups and k-cups® (including Keurig® 2.0 k-cups®).

The “open platform” k-cup® has become the accepted standard for single-cup brewing and is most certainly here to stay. Dozens of companies are introducing new “open platform” k-cup® brewers with innovative technology and beautifully designed machines built from the ground up to produce truly superior beverages. These next generation “open platform” single-cup brewing systems are capable of working with all single-cups including Keurig’s 2.0 capsules.

Looking to 2015 and beyond, the dramatic increase in number of k-cup® compatible brewers along with a considerably reduced baseline brewer cost means higher household penetration rates. Supporting ongoing predictions for growth of the single-serve beverage market in the US and abroad, we see tremendous opportunity in supplying this thirsty market with a growing variety and elevated quality of beverages made to work in these advanced machines.  Read More ›

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