Our Story

Intelligent: [in-tel-i-juhnt][adj.] characterized by quickness of understanding and bringing a smart approach.
Blends: [blends] [verb] to mix smoothly and inseparably together to create a superior taste experience.

Intelligent Blends is an exciting company dedicated to the pursuit of making single serve cups available to brands & suppliers of all sizes. We operate a dedicated 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Southern California and our veteran management team has a combined average tenure of 25 years in manufacturing and co-packing experience. Our advanced, state-of-the art single-serve conversion equipment was custom designed for the launch of Intelligent Blends – from Stainless Steel Nitrogen flushed totes, to grinders and packaging lines, down to the Agtron for testing – our equipment is top of the line. Serving one of the fastest growing markets in retail, Intelligent Blends has a current capacity of over 200 million single serve cups per year. We’re creating one of the largest co-packing facilities in the US.

Our turnkey facility is the ultimate choice for brands and suppliers who are as passionate about their beverage freshness and taste profile as we are. With an emphasis on customer service unparalleled in this industry, we pay the utmost attention to every detail, whether handling roasted coffee beans or perfecting the production of your packaging.

The overwhelming success and explosive growth of our industry is staggering. We are excited to explore together one of the most dynamic and exciting product categories that the retail market has seen in years!