Single-Serve Brewers

Single-Serve Brewer Solutions

Commercial K-Cup® Brewer Solutions from Intelligent Blends

Intelligent Blends sells and sources advanced commercial grade single-serve coffee and beverage brewers. We’re partnered with companies like BUNN® and have direct access to a wide range of other brewer solutions, which allows us to offer k-cup® brewer solutions custom tailored to your specific needs. Our Business Development, Management and Sales teams stay on the forefront of single-serve industry and single-serve brewer technology. With dozens of new k-cup® brewers coming to stores beginning in 2015, we see huge opportunity in supplying this thirsty market.

BUNN® Single-Serve Brewers

Seeing the tremendous growth of the single-serve market, BUNN has embraced sophisticated new technology to meet the changing needs of customers while remaining committed to delivering the highest possible quality beverage in each cup for every occasion. Their new MCO & MCR models are two of the premier commercial single-serve brewers currently available on the market.

bunnMCOModel: MCO (view full specs.) – The Bunn MCO brews is the most advanced commercial single serve brewer available. This brewer is perfect for your office, restaurant or convenient store.

  • Touch screen interface
  • Automatic water refill (hot water dispense)
  • USB Flash programming (lots of options)
  • Three adjustable brew sizes per beverage
  • Customizable brew setting for beverages
  • Automatic ejection of brewed cartridges
  • Internal waste storage for 25+ cartridges

bunnMCRModel: MCR (view full specs.) – The Bunn MCR brews is a simple, reliable and versatile brewer with plumb-in kit available. This brewer is perfect for your small to medium sized office.

  • Compatible for use with K-Cups®
  • Touch screen interface
  • Plumbed-in kit/option available
  • Two adjustable brew sizes per beverage
  • Accomodates a variety of single serve cartridges


Chefman My Barista

Model: My Barista Coffee Single-Serve Maker (view full specs.) – With a retail price tag of under $90, the My Barista™ single-serve brewer is ideal for commercial or residential use. This sleek brewer is equipped with plenty of easy-to-use features and a reservoir.

  • 0085677300394_B Compatible with coffee grounds or K-Cup® packs
  • Faster start brew time than any other coffee maker on the market
  • Removable drip tray allows for 16-oz. cups
  • Innovative modern design
  • 8-oz. or 10-oz. brewing capacity
  • Coffeemaker shuts off automatically 5 minutes after brew cycle is complete
  • Equipped with a ”Quick Start” Guide with simple, step-by-step brewing guidelines
  • One-year warranty