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Single-Serve Market By Location: With recognition that the single-serve market has no specific geopolitical boundaries in North America, several key US markets can be identified by location. The data below is from a 2013 NCA report and has been provided courtesy of the (National Coffee Association). Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and San Francisco are the largest US markets. NCA data suggests that the most valuable markets are located on the west coast as a result of lower percentages of household penetration for single-serve brewers.

                                             # OF HOUSEHOLDS                               % USING KEURIG®

TOTAL U.S.                         119,500,000                                            12.0%

Boston                                  2,477,032                                                  22.6%

Philadelphia                        3,086,815                                                 19.4%

Washington DC                   2,469,151                                                 15.1%

New York                              7,728,619                                                  15.0%

Dallas – Ft. Worth              2,708,681                                                13.0%

Houston                                 2,318,950                                                12.4%

Chicago                                  3,647,271                                                 11.5%

Miami                                     1,696,712                                                  11.0%

Los Angeles                           5,875,175                                                 10.7%

Atlanta                                   2,435,324                                                  9.8%

San Francisco                       2,618,682                                                 7.5%

Source: NCA (National Coffee Association), 2013

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