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At the Intelligent Blends factory, we make premier single-serve coffee & tea in Recyclable cups. We Roast, Grind and Package all in house to bring you quality, value and savings!

Different Rooms, Different Needs

WHAT WE OFFER: Single-Serve coffee, tea, seasonal offerings. Single-Serve brewers. Single-Serve Espresso (Nespresso® Compatible). Trays, message mats, coffee/tea condiments.

Share Your Stance on Sustainable

SHARE YOUR STANCE ON SUSTAINABILITY – Allow your in room coffee program to show your hotel is Eco-Friendly! Award winning, 100% Recyclable products.

Signature Line of Coffee & Tea

MAUD’S COFFEE & TEA – Our beans and leafs are methodically chosen and blended by our 5th Generation Roastmaster. Our process of roasting and blending micro-batches ensures consistency and quality with every sip.

Our Team, Your Support

Our team is dedicated to excellence in all areas customer service.
• Reliability • Solution Driven • Real People, Not Robots

Custom Lids and Blends
Choose your blend from
our Maud’s Signature Line.
Create your custom lid or we
can help create one for you.
Turn your coffee budget into
valuable branding dollars.
*Qualified hotels must be 100+ rooms.

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There’s a tremendous opportunity to add to the guest experience by serving high quality coffee & tea that are not only easy to use, but can send a message about who you are.
Research suggests that guests are up to 70% more likely to regard hotels with single-serve brewers favorably. Research indicates that up to 60% of guests who are familiar with single-serve pods, claim their presence in hotel rooms make them more likely to return and recommend it to friends and family.

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