Intelligent Blends Collaborates with Better Buzz Coffee Roasters® to Bring Their Famous “Best Drink Ever®” from Café to Kitchen as a Single-Serve Beverage that is Now Available to Households Across the U.S.

  • Through an innovative partnership, the two San Diego-based companies have collaborated to share the Better Buzz “Best Drink Ever” experience through a never-before-offered pairing of single-serving coffee pods and vanilla flavor-filled stick packs.
  •  The collaboration supports the launch of home products from Better Buzz, the largest craft coffee player in San Diego.
  • Along with their “Best Drink Ever” offering, Better Buzz is also launching three of their top-selling coffees — Buzz Life® Blend, Killer Bee™ Super-Caffeinated Blend, and a single-origin Costa Rican Coffee — into coffee pods.
  • By combining forces, the companies have created a unique offering that highlights Intelligent Blends’ manufacturing and packaging know-how and Better Buzz’s commitment to rich, artisan-roasted blends that will now bring their award-winning café experience home for coffee lovers everywhere.

SAN DIEGO, August 10, 2022 – In an innovative partnership that showcases the strengths of two San Diego-based brands, Intelligent Blends, a cutting-edge manufacturer and producer of coffee, tea, elixirs, and functional beverages was tasked by Better Buzz Coffee Roasters to bring their most popular café experience to households across the country. The primary focus of the collaboration spotlighted Better Buzz’s “Best Drink Ever®”— a delicious combination of their signature coffee blend and vanilla powder. The result: the successful creation of a new — and efficient — way for coffee lovers to make the “Best Drink Ever” on-demand, in their homes.

In pursuit of the best extraction method worthy of the craft, Better Buzz chose Intelligent Blends’ patented method that offers consumers a better cup of coffee, containing 15 grams per pod, which is 6 grams higher than the typical 9-gram pods offered by other brands.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring the Better Buzz café experience to a national audience through this very exciting collaboration with the Intelligent Blends team,” says Tim Langdon, Founder and CEO. “By combining their expertise and knowledge of the in-home coffee market, their robust manufacturing and distribution capabilities, and our passion and commitment to a rich, small-batch, hand-roasted cup of coffee, households across the country will have the opportunity to enjoy the “Best Drink Ever” every single day.”

Better Buzz is also releasing some of their most popular coffee blends into single-serving, recyclable coffee pods for Keurig® brewers, including 2.0. The Buzz Life® Blend, Killer Bee™ Super-Caffeinated Blend, and a single-origin Costa Rican coffee will be the first offerings to hit the market alongside the “Best Drink Ever” in-home launch. The premium coffee going into these blends will be offered through Intelligent Blends’ innovative pod design, creating a superior at-home experience.  Better Buzz’s wildly popular vanilla powder, which can be enjoyed separately, or mixed into their pod selection, is also being released in a convenient single-serving stick pack, allowing coffee lovers everywhere to be their own barista!

“Every new partnership is exciting,” says John Lenz, Intelligent Blends’ VP of Sales, “but there’s something really special about joining forces with a local company that is making such a fresh, fun impact on the coffee industry. Our shared values that inspire us to create the best coffee experience in an ethical and thoughtful way have not only fueled this partnership but have helped us to work seamlessly to create something that we can both be very proud of.”

So, what’s next for this powerhouse team? That’s yet to be seen. What is clear is that the coming together of Better Buzz Coffee Roasters and Intelligent Blends to create something truly new and exciting is a great jumping-off point for future collaboration as they raise the bar for other companies that are passionate about quality, innovation, and the perfect cup of coffee.

Intelligent Blends

Intelligent Blends is a privately held, sustainable manufacturer of single-serve and bagged beverages, including coffees and teas, based in Southern California. The company offers co-packing and hospitality solutions for partners worldwide, while boasting several in-house brands that are distributed through select e-commerce and retail sites. With a commitment to creating high-quality, sustainable options for customers and partners, Intelligent Blends offers unmatchable services and products that are easy and cost-effective, while never losing sight of the infinite possibilities that come from flexibility, innovation, and a passion for what you do.

Better Buzz Coffee Roasters

Serving the greater San Diego area for nearly 20 years, Better Buzz Coffee Roasters is the area’s largest craft coffee brand, currently operating 12 locations and hand-roasting its quality sourced beans. With an obsession for being the best and a focus on sustainability, Better Buzz is a certified organic coffee roaster and strives to source Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance coffees. Their newly launched consumer packaged goods offering is inspired by their signature café

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