From our state-of-the-art production machinery to each and every individual component making up our pods, we’re leveraging innovations and technology resulting from efforts in R&D to produce superior single-serve products.

R&D Lab

Research and Development enables us to innovate and offer solutions that give our clients a competitive edge in the fast paced and evolving single-serve market.

We’re continually investing in the development of new products and concepts to stay ahead of market and consumer trends and helping our clients to develop theirs. In our pursuit of making single-serve pods available to brands and roasters of all sizes and to furthering innovation and sustainability in our industry, Intelligent Blends is very involved in investigative activities and development. We invest in R&D with the intention of making discoveries, leading the development of new products and procedures and improving existing products and processes.

Lab6Recognizing market and consumer trends, demands and the increasingly sophisticated palettes of coffee and tea drinkers, we understand that research and development is key to helping our clients experience growth today and in the future. Staying at the forefront of brewer and pod technology and understanding the complex interaction between them helps us to choose the right materials and products to keep offerings relevant and give you an edge in the evolving single-serve market.

Committed to developing sustainable solutions in the single-serve market, Intelligent Blends is staying on the cutting-edge actively working with companies all over the world to research and develop innovative single-serve packaging products that will continue to positively impact the environment. Since introducing our award-winning “Eco Kups” in March of 2014, we’ve packed tens of million pods for Brands and Roasters all over the United States and abroad.

Our core competencies in research and development enables us to remain visionaries in the industry in a variety of ways:

  • New recyclable/sustainable pod technology
  • Testing creative formulations and new ingredients
  • Technical labs for formulation
  • Access to application experts–chefs, baristas, mixologists
  • Enhanced coffee cupping sensory evaluation standards
  • Difference/similarity testing
  • Descriptive analysis capabilities
  • Single-Serve Brewer expertise & referrals