Business Solutions

Our turnkey facility is the ultimate choice for brands and suppliers who are as passionate about their beverage freshness and taste profile as we are.

With an emphasis on customer service unparalleled in this industry, we pay the utmost attention to every detail, whether handling roasted coffee beans or perfecting the production of your packaging. Turnkey solutions from green coffee bean to 12/18/24 Pack cartoned product, smaller count boxes or bulk boxes delivered to customer’s distribution door are available. Whether you’re a small Roaster wanting to enter the single-serve market or an established brand looking for a trusted supplier partner, we’re well positioned to support your business and continue to grow with you.

Why Choose Intelligent Blends for Your Business

  • State-of-the-art Production Facility – A brand new 100,000 square foot production facility brings the latest in equipment innovation to the single serve market.
  • Offering the freshest single serve on the market with a 1 year or more expiration date from time of manufacture and with a guarantee of less than .005% of oxygen remaining in each sealed cup, consumers enjoy a very high level quality experience.
  • Supporting Sustainability by offering innovative Recyclable capsules with 10x stronger oxygen barrier at no extra cost.
  • Upgraded 12/18/24-piece cartons, smaller custom pack sizes and bulk packaging are available.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction with the taste of finished beverages and advanced capsules will uphold the integrity and taste of your product.
  • Our single-serve capsules are made in the USA and can be used in any Keurig® or K-Cup® as well as standard Nespresso® machines.
  • 5th Generation Roastmaster and an expert team of single-serve specialists at your finger tips. As a trusted supplier partner, we place emphasis on providing great customer service and support.
  • Intelligent Blend’s Private Label solutions offer a growing variety of unique gourmet coffee and tea blends to suit all taste preferences.
  • With fulfillment and distribution centers in Otay Mesa, CA, Orlando, FL and Hebron, KY, we can also work as a fulfillment and distribution hub from single customer shipments to multi pallet truckload shipments.

Single Cup Capsule Packaging Specifications:

  • 12 Pack Box – Upgraded Retail
  • 18 Pack Box – Upgraded Retail
  • 24 Pack Box – Upgraded Retail
  • Custom Pack Sizes

Additional Configurations Possible:

  • 30-200 Count Loose Bulk
  • 48 Count Loose
  • 48 Count Variety Pack (4 x 12 Packs bundled)
  • 24 Count Variety (2/4 x 12 Packs bundled)

Versatility – Single Cup Many Products
Enjoy the versatility of our single-serve capabilities with our nearly limitless beverage and product choices:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Apple Cider
  • Iced Beverages
  • Specialty Beverages
  • Chai
  • Lemonade
  • Creamer Cups (non dairy)
  • Probiotic Enhanced Beverages / Products
  • Vitamin Enriched Beverages / Products
  • Immune Support Drinks
  • Wellness Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Espresso