Flavor Guarantee

Creating a superior taste experience is our first priority.

Experts in producing and reproducing coffee, tea, and beverage blends for single-serve capsules, we guarantee your satisfaction with the flavor of finished beverages. When it comes to specific taste and aroma profiles our high quality standards and quality control measures ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations. Intelligent Blend’s 5th Generation Roastmaster and single-cup coffee and beverage experts use their passion and expertise in blending and roasting to create each product. At Intelligent Blends, quality control is taken very seriously and with strict operating standards in place we carefully track every step from the moment your product enters our production facility.

Establishing your taste profile

Each Intelligent Blends co packing customer typically begins by sampling coffee, tea or other beverages in our single-serve capsules. Whether you’re sending us whole bean roasted coffee or even green coffee beans, our Roastmaster and team of professionals roast and/or grind your coffee or blend your tea or other beverage to ideal specifications before sealing the ingredients into capsules for tasting and testing. Working directly with roasters in the specialty coffee community, our team has the experience to confidently create a taste profile that you’ll be proud to serve. Only after going through the sampling and approval process are recipes and/or blends as well as their associated specifications set in preparation for the production process.

Private Label Solutions – For private label customers, our growing range of gourmet 100% Arabica coffees and premium teas offer consumers high quality and unique flavors to suit every taste preference. Coffees are batch roasted and teas carefully blended then quickly packed into single-serve capsules to seal in the freshness. Created for optimal extraction and exquisite taste and aroma in each cup, we stand by the quality and taste of our line of private label coffees and teas.

Taste, Create, Serve

  • 5th Generation Roastmaster and expert team working directly with you to establish perfect taste profile
  • Products are ground, blended and formulated to produce a better and more flavorful cup
  • Innovative technology and quality control measures ensure highest quality