Innovative Technology

Combining innovative technology, functionality and design to deliver the perfect cup every time.

From our state-of-the-art production machinery to each and every individual component making up our capsules, we’re leveraging innovations and technology to produce superior single-serve products. Understanding the complexities of brewer and capsule technology and interaction, the team at Intelligent Blends has developed proprietary products and processes to ensure the consistent production of high quality beverages. From advanced sample roasters in our lab to the latest brewers in the cupping room to the cutting edge triple head grinder to generate optimal particle size demanded by capsule brewers, the facility is in sync to create the end product that you and your customers envision. Having worked with many roasters and customers in the specialty coffee community, we are confident that our technological ability can produce a better cup.

Revolutionary Technology & Flexible Capabilities

Flexibility is key as the evolving single-serve market is dynamic and constantly presents new challenges and opportunities. Intelligent Blend’s unique technological innovations offer customers choice and flexibility when it comes to capsules, filters, packaging configurations, and much more.

  • Proprietary technology enables custom control over beverage taste profile
  • Advanced grinders and blenders for optimal extraction and creation of gourmet beverages and tasty flavored coffees
  • Recyclable capsules developed to provide superior oxygen barrier while eliminating landfill waste
  • Biodegradable filters ensure consistent taste, no messy grinds, and no wasteful byproducts
  • State-of-the-art machinery allows for flexible production of retail packs and bulk packs

Disruptive innovation is often defined as the kind of innovation that creates new markets. Single serve coffee has certainly been such an innovation. The convenience and predictability offered by new brewer technology has largely been enough to drive the single-serve market, but our mission has been focused on elevating quality of beverages to catch up and go beyond new brewer innovations. Segments of the coffee community that had been notoriously dismissive of the impact of single-serve are now recognizing that we’re closing the gap between quality and convenience.