Gourmet & Exotic Teas

Our current Private Label Gourmet Tea offering includes: Organic English Breakfast, Organic Passion Green Tea, and Organic Peppermint Tea

Available in 3 blends, our private label single-serve tea blends are made from only premium tea leafs, which hand selected, blended and formulated to perfection by 5th Generation Roastmaster and single-serve coffee expert, Jeff McIntosh. Fresh teas are quickly packed into our advanced recyclable single-serve capsules, sealing in the freshness and aroma, which can be enjoyed 18+ months from the time of production. Attention to detail and expertise in single-serve beverages sets us apart and it’s noticeable through the elevated experience that our single-cups provide.

teaiconOrganic English Breakfast – This authentic blend of Assam, Ceylon, Kenyan teas is full-bodied, robust and rich, designed to be smooth alone or to go well with milk and sugar. Prepare to embark on a royally rich experience!

teaiconOrganic Passion Green Tea – Green Tea Passion boasts smooth green tea leaves that harmoniously blend with sweet tropical fruits to create a sensation as uplifting as an island breeze.

teaiconOrganic Peppermint Tea – Mint leaves have been used for several thousand years according to records from the Greek, Roman and ancient Egyptian eras.


Are you looking for something specific or wanting to create your own unique flavors? The team at Intelligent Blends can work with you to create or recreate your own unique blends of tea specifically for single-serve cups!