Recyclable K-Cup® Compatible Capsules

100% Recyclable

Recyclable Single-Serve Pods

Our line of private label coffees and teas are made available entirely in #5 Recyclable single-serve pods.

Now you can enjoy and promote all of the benefits of single-serve market without any of the wasteful byproducts. Intelligent Blends is proud to offer our Award-Winning eco-friendly #5 Recyclable single-serve pods at no additional cost to you. An innovation in the single-serve coffee and beverage market, our recyclable pods are comprised of an advanced proprietary blend of #5 Recyclable Polypropylene along with other eco-friendly materials, producing a capsule with a moisture barrier that is up to 10x stronger than typical Polystyrene pods.

Our recyclable k-cup® compatible capsules have been developed to make recycling as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Let the cup cool off. 2. Peel the lid and empty the contents into the wastebasket. 3. Recycle the cup!