Nespresso® Coffee Pod Capsules

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    Nespresso® Coffee Pod Capsules

    Custom bulk Nespresso® pods are a cost-efficient way to expand your single-serving coffee options.


    Compatible with Nespresso®

    Our original line of coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso® machines, so customers can easily use your brand’s original blends instead.


    Superior Freshness

    Our Nespresso® pods have an innovative oxygen barrier that keeps the coffee fresher for longer, giving our capsules at 24-month shelf life.



    Instead of carrying generic Nespresso® pods, you can create branded capsules that set your coffee capsules apart from others on the shelves.


    Quality Coffee

    Each capsule is packed with 5.5 grams of 100% arabica coffee and you can either choose from one of our house blends or create your own blend.



    Buying bulk Nespresso® pods is more economical for you and your vendors. Each case comes with 100 pods and you can order your desired quantity.



    Sustainability is more important than ever, which is why we follow eco-friendly manufacturing processes and offer recyclable packaging.

    Intelligent Blends

    Intelligent Blends is a private label coffee wholesaler and Nespresso® capsule manufacturer. Since 2013, we have been refining our services to provide our customers with the best products and experience. From sourcing to distribution, we are committed to excellence and have prioritized innovation in every way. We have established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with a world-class production team, multiple fulfillment and distribution centers for fast shipping, and flexible options to help you create private label coffee that you’re proud to put your name on.


    Convenient, Single-Serving Coffee

    For many people, single-serving coffee that they can easily make is an essential, especially with the busy schedules many of us keep. Conveniently packaged, bulk Nespresso® pods make it possible for you to meet that need in a cost-effective way. Offering a single-serving solution will help you get your private label coffee in more hands.


    Espresso Pods Customized Your Way

    Introducing bulk Nespresso® pods to your brand’s product offerings can be a lucrative business decision, but you want to do it the right way. It’s important to offer espresso pods that reflect your brand and meet consumer expectations. We’ll work with you to implement branding, choose the right flavors, and ensure the final product is exactly to your specifications.


    Eco-Friendly Practices

    We strive to be sustainable in virtually everything we do. We have a variety of certifications including GFSI/BRC, which sets standards for safety and quality, Fair Trade certification, and QAI organic and STAR-K kosher certification, among others. These certifications can help you ensure that you’re meeting high standards and providing customers with quality coffee products through your Nespresso® coffee pod supplier.


    Bulk Nespresso® Pods FAQs

    What other packaging options are available?

    In addition to being Nespresso® coffee capsules suppliers, we also offer a variety of other packaging options to help you diversify your private label coffee options. With a versatile line of products, you’re better able to capture more vendors and consumers who are interested in purchasing your brand. Plus, it’s more opportunity to get in front of buyers. Some of our other packaging formats include:

    • Stick packs
    • K-Cups®
    • Bags
    • Cold brew
    • Biodegradable PLA sachets

    All of these coffee formats can also be customized to your brand both in design and flavor. We also offer several types of cartons, making it easy to provide samples, sell in grocery stores, or list your products on e-commerce sites.

    What is the process for creating bulk Nespresso® pods?

    Creating your private label Nespresso® pods with Intelligent Blends is easy. First, you’ll decide what extent of our services you’ll want to utilize—do you need help with your design, do you want to create your own coffee blend, etc.? Then, we’ll get to work on customizing your coffee capsules. Once you’ve given the stamp of approval, our technology can be integrated with all major e-commerce platforms to start selling your coffee. When orders are placed, they’ll be sent directly to one of our conveniently located fulfilment centers. Your products will then be shipped and then should arrive at their destination within one to three days in most parts of the U.S. As your Nespresso®-compatible capsule manufacturers, we are dedicated to the highest level of service and will help you make this new addition to your product line as simple as possible.

    Is buying Nespresso® capsules in bulk better?

    Yes, purchasing your Nespresso® capsules in bulk will save you significantly over time, even though it’s a large investment up-front. Bulk ordering makes it easier to distribute your coffee capsules in large quantities. Each case of our Nespresso® pods comes with 100 capsules.

    What flavors are Nespresso® coffee pods available in?

    We understand that providing your customers with high-quality coffee that tastes delicious is a top priority. Our private label Nespresso® coffee pods are available in a wide variety of house blends as well as custom flavors. Our R&D (research and development) team will collaborate with you to create a unique blend from our 1000’s of flavors and ingredients.

    What is the benefit of purchasing bulk Nespresso® pods from Intelligent Blends?

    Intelligent Blends offers a turnkey solution that makes it efficient and affordable to start offering Nespresso® pods, with little to no effort on your end. We have done all the market research and innovation for you, so you can feel confident that when you put your brand on our Nespresso® pods, you’re receiving a quality product that is designed to provide your customers with the best possible coffee drinking experience.