Our energy efficient production facility brings the latest in equipment innovation to the single serve market. With an annual capacity of 450+ million single serve cups, we have the ability to supply your needs year round.

Our Facility



With sample roasters in our cupping room to begin the journey, all the way to our traditional drum roaster for production runs, we have our facility in sync to coordinate with your roastmaster to create the end product you envision.



With every aspect of our facility design, we’ve done our due diligence to ensure we’re delivering the perfect single-serve pod.  Particle size does matter and consistent, uniform particle size creates an optimal taste profile.  Our cutting edge grinder generates a particle size that is optimal for the quick extraction demanded by capsule brewers.  Our process minimizes the fine particle coffee dust which can lead to filter blockages or bitter extraction.  We process all material through each stage with Nitrogen-sealed totes to ensure freshness, keeping oxygen at bay.

Packaging Machines (Coffee Pods & Nespresso® Compatible Capsules)

Custom, Custom, Custom. From cups, lids, and filter insertion, to coffee, teas and more, we have you covered. We have built four nitrogen flush stations into our packaging machine which will create a pod guaranteed to have less than 0.005% oxygen, (our common enemy) as well as a pod with the longest shelf life in the business. Our state-of-the-art packaging machines can handle in excess of 450 million single serve pods per year giving you a level of comfort in your supplier partner as your business grows.



Everyone knows packaging makes a difference.  Compare our 12, 18, 24 cup or custom-sized packs with to what is currently in the marketplace. We think you’ll agree that your product will jump off the shelves into consumer hands with this one-of-a kind beautiful packaging.  Our cartoner is flexible with bulk packaging available in any increment up to 200 units per bulk pack. Check weigher ensures every carton is perfect with all pods accounted for and all filled to spec.