Recyclable Coffee Pods

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Recyclable Coffee Pods

Recyclable coffee pods are a socially responsible and fiscally smart addition to your brand’s product line.

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Our eco-friendly K-Cups® can be recycled wherever #5 plastics are accepted, helping your customers reduce waste.

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Present your brand exactly as you want with customized design, your own or a house blend, and diverse packaging options.

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Optimized Brewing

Improved coffee extraction means a more robust flavor profile and more total dissolved solids for the perfect cup of coffee.

Turnkey solutions provider

Turnkey Solution

There’s no waiting period to start up your private label coffee pods, we already have sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfilment covered.

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Offering a new product line can be intimidating from a financial perspective, however, bulk ordering our eco-friendly K-Cups® is cost-effective.

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Ship Anywhere

We have fulfilment centers strategically located throughout the U.S. so you can ship quickly nationwide and internationally.

Your Partner in Coffee Innovation

Making the environmentally responsible decision to offer recyclable coffee K-Cups® is easier when you have a leader in coffee innovation helping you succeed. Intelligent blends is dedicated to offering sustainable private label coffee that helps you reduce your environmental impact, without compromising on quality or efficiency. We’ve had years to streamline our processes—from sourcing to roasting and fulfilment—so you can expect the highest quality product and an unprecedented level of service. And that extends to your customers. Our veteran manufacturing team, state-of-the-art equipment and facility, ultra-fast response times make sure of it. Working with Intelligent Blends to start or expand your coffee line means choosing a partner that guides you toward success every step of the way.

Our Story

Innovative K-Cup® Design

Not only do our proprietary K-Cups® fit in Keurig and other single-serve coffee makers, but we’ve made some updates so customers can get even more out of your coffee. Our smarter design includes a ribbed cup and K-Cup® dimple for increased extraction and precise dosing for a better flavor profile.

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Committed to Sustainability

We understand that sustainability matters. Our K-Cups® are made from polypropylene #5—which is accepted by 60% of recycling programs—and are certified recyclable, as validated by SCS Global Services’ Environmental Claims Validation program. Above and beyond the pods themselves, we also follow eco-friendly manufacturing and sourcing practices, further reducing your brand’s environmental impact. K-Cups® not recyclable in all communities. Check locally at

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High-Quality Coffee

Whether you want to create your own blend from our 1000s of flavors and ingredients, or if you want to choose from our extensive catalogue of house blends, rest assured that the coffee will be high-quality. In addition to sourcing the coffee, we’ll take care of roasting, grinding, packaging, and distributing.

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Recyclable Coffee Pods FAQs

What are the recyclable coffee pods made from?

These recyclable coffee pods are made from polypropylene #5, which is a highly versatile polymer plastic. Understandably, many people are weary of plastics, but polypropylene #5 is beverage safe. Additionally, polypropylene #5 is both recyclable and recycled. Since our K-Cups® are made from polypropylene #5, they also have a 24 month shelf life.

Working with Intelligent Blends to manufacture and distribute your environmentally friendly K-Cups® means you’re not only helping your customers reduce their carbon footprint, but you’re lowering your brand’s environmental impact on a much higher level. Help consumers find an alternative to traditional coffee pods, they’ll be grateful that they have a user-friendly coffee option that will allow them to stop adding to the billions of K-Cups® already in landfills.

The cartons that our eco-friendly K-Cups® are packed in are also sustainably made and are printed on recycled materials.

Are these biodegradable K-Cups®?

No, our K-Cups® are not biodegradable coffee pods. Recyclable means that our coffee pods can be transformed into raw materials that can be reused, whereas biodegradable means that an object can be completely decomposed. While our environmentally friendly K-Cups® aren’t biodegradable, they are accepted in 60% of recycling centers in the US, making it easy for users to recycle them and reduce their waste.

Do these coffee pods fit in Keurig® and similar coffee makers?

Yes, these recyclable coffee pods can be used in Keurig® and similar coffee makers. We offer our very own K-Cups®, but with some improvements. Our K-Cups® have several noteworthy features:

• They’re certified recyclable, so they don’t end up in landfills like your average K-Cups®
• Have a ribbed design for more extraction than competitors
• Use technology that allows for a more consistent flavor profile
• Have a patent issued peel-able foil lid for improved sealing and reduced oxidation

Are recyclable coffee pods a better option than compostable pods?

While composting is a great way to reduce waste, there are several barriers that stand in the way. For one, compostable pods have a limited shelf life, which in most cases, is not ideal for our clients. Additionally, the unfortunate truth is that even the best compostable pods often aren’t disposed of correctly, which means many end up going into the landfill anyways.

Does Intelligent Blends offer other packaging options?

Our recyclable coffee pods are one of our most popular packaging options because they’re in high-demand by consumers. That said, we do offer other packaging options that will help you diversify your offering and get your brand in front of more people. In addition to our eco-friendly K-Cups®, we also offer:

• Bags of ground or whole-bean coffee
• Single-serve stick packs
• Bulk powder gusset pouches
• Cold brew in coarse-ground or filter-brew packs