Private Label Wholesale Coffee Manufacturer

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Private Label Wholesale Coffee Manufacturer

Grow your brand with gourmet specialty coffee you’ll be proud to share with your customers.

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Choose how your coffee is served— from K-Cups® to bags, stick packs and gusset pouches.

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Superior Taste

Choose from one of our in-house brands or develop your own flavor. We offer thousands of ingredients and flavors to create the perfect cup of coffee.

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Quick Fulfillment

Instant syncing with your store for efficient fulfilment and coast-to-coast coverage, providing quick shipping to you and your customers.

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Reduce environmental impact with sustainable manufacturing. USDA Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans are also available.

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Manufacturing Excellence

We ensure consistent quality, offer high production capacity, and use technology-driven systems for efficient manufacturing.

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Design & R&D

Need help developing or revamping your brand? We offer graphic design services for packaging and R&D.

Infinite Possibilities with Intelligent Blends Private Label Coffee

Intelligent Blends is proud to offer high-quality private label coffee and exceptional service. We’ll help you gain notoriety for your brand, while taking the complexity out of private label wholesale coffee.

For the better part of the last decade, Intelligent Blends has been innovating and refining our services to become a leader in manufacturing, coffee research and development, and fulfillment services. Whether you’re striving to grow your brand by improving distribution, expanding your product line, or elevating the quality of your blends, we’re the private label coffee partner for you.


Easily Establish Your Private Label Coffee

As your private label coffee roasters, we make the process as easy as possible. From roasting to grinding to packaging, we have you covered. Our dedicated team can help you create private label coffee that becomes your customers’ go-to cup of joe.

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Curated Coffee, Packaged Your Way

We take pride in being highly flexible private label coffee suppliers, allowing you to curate your own blend, package your coffee in a way that best reflects your brand, and serve it up almost any way you like. You name it, we can do it—K-Cups®, Nespresso®-compatible capsules, bags, biodegradable PLA sachets, and more.

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Manufactured & Distributed on Your Behalf

We hold ourselves to the highest standards as private label coffee manufacturers. We are dedicated to providing high-quality coffee and flawless distribution—and we don’t just mean timely shipping, we can also help you get out in front of consumers and maximize sales.

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Private Label Coffee FAQs

How does private label coffee work?

Private label coffee allows you to sell coffee under your brand, without the need to handle logistics and production. Instead, a private label coffee wholesale coffee manufacturer—like Intelligent Blends—will handle manufacturing, packaging, and distribution on your behalf. With private label coffee, you can provide your own blend, create new blends, or take advantage of skillfully created blends that we already offer. The process can be as simple as choosing a few blends that your label on, or as extensive as creating a whole new line of coffee products that are uniquely your own.

At Intelligent Blends, we are committed to excellence when helping you establish private label coffee, so you can sell coffee you’re proud to put your name on.

What are the benefits of private label coffee?

There are several key benefits of partnering with Intelligent Blends for your private label coffee:

• Ability to expand your brand with customized coffee offerings
• High-quality coffee blends that have been expertly crafted
• Hands-off fulfilment, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution
• Easy setup that allows you get started ASAP
• Fast shipping anywhere in the world for exceptional customer service
• Full suite of services available from the basics like manufacturing and packaging to graphic design and Amazon marketing

Intelligent Blends has had nearly a decade to refine our processes and blends to provide you with the highest level of service and reliable solutions.

What packaging options are available?

We can cater packaging to your preferences with flexible options that tailor to your sales method. Intelligent blends can provide packaging designed to your specifications for eCommerce, in-store retail, or even samples.

Our packaging options include:

• K-Cups®
• Ground or whole-bean bags
• Single-serve stick packs
• Bulk powder pouches
• Coarse-ground or filter-brew cold brew packs

Whatever your preference, we can pack them in bulk or nested cartons depending on your needs.

Does Intelligent Blends offer sustainable solutions?

Create private label organic coffee with Intelligent Blends and enjoy the peace of mind that you’re part of the solution. Our production facility features state-of-the-art technology that allows us to focus on innovation and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We also strive for sustainability when it comes to sourcing. We source only the top 10% of green coffee beans in the most premier growing regions, with USDA Organic and Fair Trade options. Additionally, many of our packaging solutions feature eco-friendly materials that help reduce waste.

In an age where environmental impact has become a top priority for consumers, being able to market your products as sustainable is a major selling point.

Does Intelligent Blends offer private label coffee marketing services?

Logistics are one thing, but expanding into private label coffee also requires marketing know-how. To help you succeed on one of the most prominent and competitive online marketplaces, Intelligent Blends provides Amazon Marketing services. We can help you optimize your Amazon sales, create listings, manage advertising and inventory, and more.

We can also help you design your packaging, whether you need help refining the design or want something brand new. Our team is well-versed in what sells and what doesn’t, so we can help you stand out from the shelves.