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Intelligent Blends’ in-room coffee program is a game-changer for both hotel guests and office employees alike. For hotel guests, it’s adding value to the guest experience by offering premium K-Cup® coffee right in the comfort of their room. The selection of gourmet coffee blends and our easy-to-use brewer ensures a delightful morning ritual, setting a positive tone for their day. Additionally, in office settings, this program boosts employee morale by providing a high-quality coffee solution that fosters productivity and camaraderie. With each aromatic cup, employees are treated to a taste of luxury that enhances their workspace environment, making Intelligent Blends’ program a valuable asset for enhancing both guest experiences and office dynamics.


As your one-stop shop, we provide a wide range of options, including K-Cup® coffees, teas, and seasonal blends and also in stick pack format. But we don’t stop there ‘ we offer everything you need to make your guests’ experience exceptional. Our offerings extend to our Hospitality Brewer, brewer trays, cabinets, condiments packs, message mats, and so much more. With Intelligent Blends, you can elevate your guests’ stay by providing them with a convenient, personalized, and delightful coffee experience right in their own room.

hospitality brewer line-upThe Intelligent Blends Single-Serve brewer and accessories in-room coffee program

single-serve k-cup® brewer

This brewer is easy to use for hotel guests, easy to clean for your housekeepers, and makes a great cup of coffee. Match that with a durable design and you’ve got a winner!

  • Single-Serve Brewer Programs
  • Offering a complete line of premium single-serve coffees, teas, decafs, and seasonal drinks
  • Also offering accessories and condiment kits
  • Fun and Memorable Names
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Packed with 11G per K-Cup® compared to industrystandard of 9G

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