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Innovative K-Cup® Design

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proprietary K-Cup® yields 43% more extraction based on TDS(Total Dissolvable Solids) than leading competitors

Our proprietary K-Cup® design represents the pinnacle of innovation in the world of coffee brewing. This meticulously engineered creation has been painstakingly crafted to deliver an impressive 43% higher extraction rate when measured by Total Dissolvable Solids (TDS) compared to the top-performing competitors in the market. This remarkable feat is achieved through a combination of innovative engineering and precision in our manufacturing process.

The enhanced extraction capability of our proprietary K-Cup® design results in a brew that consistently boasts a richer and more nuanced flavor profile. By extracting a higher proportion of the soluble coffee solids, our proprietary K-Cup® design ensures that each cup of coffee is a harmonious symphony of flavors, capturing the full essence of the beans.

Our commitment to optimizing every detail of the brewing process ensures that you experience a coffee like no other. From the moment you pop that proprietary K-Cup® design into your machine, you can expect a brewing performance that not only surpasses industry standards but also elevates your coffee enjoyment to new heights

How you ask?

1. Proprietary Ribbed Cup Design

By lining up the filter paper with the outer cup, it allows water to travel into the crevasses of the K-Cup® utilizing more of the grounds.

2. Bottom Dimple

The bottom dimple reduces surface area inside the K-Cup® and the result is more extraction. The dimple alsosupports the weighted filter from breaking during the brewing process.

3. Shelf Life

Better oxygen and moisture barrier providing a24 month shelf life.

4. BPA-FREE K-Cups®

Our K-Cups®also contain 50% industrial recycled materials

5. Patent Technology

Our hermetically sealed proprietary K-Cup® design are completely airtight once sealed with our peelable foil lid, which keeps optimum conditions and prevents the oxidation of the sensitive aromas present in freshly roasted and ground coffee.

Patent Issued for our proprietary K-Cup