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characterized by quickness of understanding and bringing a smart approach.

[blends] [verb]

to mix smoothly and inseparably together to create a superior taste experience.

Our Story

Established in 2013, Intelligent Blends is an innovative manufacturer of coffee, tea, and functional beverages. In the pursuit of innovation and flexibility we produce certified recyclable K-Cups®stick packs, bagged and filter pack coffee. We operate a dedicated 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Southern California and our veteran management team has a combined average tenure of 60 years in manufacturing and co-packing experience. Our advanced, state-of-the art single-serve equipment was custom designed for flexibility and making the highest quality blends. Besides manufacturing we have also become a leader in Research and Development in formulating the latest and greatest blends. Anything from hitting a certain taste profile to creating the next best functional beverage, we are up for the task.

We are proud to offer our various house brands on various e-commerce platforms as well as in retail settings. We also provide our house blends to over 100,000 hotels rooms across the USA serving in room coffee in the world of hospitality.

We also offer fulfillment services exclusively to our co pack customers to provide a turn key service that creates greater synergies.

Intelligent Blends- Single Servings, Infinite Possibilities