Private Label Coffee: Custom K-Cups®

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Private Label Coffee: Custom K-Cups®

Add branded, Keurig®-compatible K-Cups® to your product line to provide your customers with a convenient single-serving option.

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Our custom K-Cups® are an eco-friendly option to add to your coffee line. These private label coffee K-Cups® are certified recyclable and our packaging cartons are 100% recyclable as well.

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We make it easy to fully customize your K-Cups®. Above and beyond branding, you can also choose to create your own coffee blend with over 1000 ingredients and flavors to choose from.

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Maximized Extraction

Our custom K-Cups® have an optimized design that maximizes extraction for the best possible flavor. Not only that but we use patent-pending technology to seal our K-Cups® for ideal freshness.

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Custom K-Cups® provide consumers with a convenient single-serving option. Our K-Cups® can be used in Keurigs and other K-Cup®-compatible coffee makers, making them an easy alternative to other brands.

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Turnkey Solution

Your plate is already full, so let us handle sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of your custom K-Cups®. We offer a turnkey solution that’s completely hands-off and easy to implement.

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Purchasing bulk custom K-Cups® at wholesale prices can save you and your vendor partners a lot of money and increase your profit margins.

Private Label Coffee by Intelligent Blends

Deciding to extend your product offering to private label coffee is a big decision that can be very lucrative for your business. However, getting started can be overwhelming—that is unless you’re working with Intelligent Blends. For nearly a decade, we have been focused on innovating and refining everything from our sourcing and packaging to our manufacturing and distribution practices.


This means that you’ll benefit from access to the very best private label coffee services, including carefully sourced, high-quality coffee, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, sustainable packaging, and the most efficient distribution. In addition to our processes, we’ve made our services flexible so we can cater to your brands needs, making introducing private label coffee a convenient and smart business decision.


Innovative Design

We’ve taken K-Cup® manufacturing to the next level with innovative K-Cup® design enhancements. Our ribbed cup design allows for better water disbursement to utilize more of the grounds. The bottom dimple increases extraction and prevents the filter from breaking. With these improvements, our proprietary K-Cups® yield 43% more extraction than competitors.

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Sustainable Solution

Sustainability is increasingly important to customers and providers alike. Our custom K-Cups® are certified recyclable and are made from polypropylene #5, which is accepted at 60% of recycling centers and provides a superior barrier for a longer shelf life. Additionally, our packaging cartons are printed on recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. K-Cups® not recyclable in all communities. Check locally at

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Better-Tasting Coffee

In addition to our functional innovations, we’ve also improved the oxygen and moisture barrier for a 24-month shelf life and created an airtight seal with our peelable foil lid for fresher coffee. Above and beyond the K-Cups® themselves, we source only the top 10% of green coffee beans in the most premier growing regions for the highest-quality coffee selection

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Custom K-Cup® FAQS

Are K-Cups® a worthwhile addition to my coffee offering?

Deciding to expand your private coffee label requires a lot of decision making, but rest assured that custom K-Cups® are a worthwhile addition to your product offering. According to our research, approximately 42% of American households own a Keurig® brewer, which equals about 100 million users. Additionally, 2021 consumption is expected to surpass 30 billion K-Cups® annually. As you can see, K-Cups® are in demand and it’s a smart business decision to get your foothold in the market as soon as possible—and we can help you do that.

Do these custom K-Cups® work in a Keurig®?

Yes, our custom K-Cups® are compatible with Keurig 2.0 machines and similar coffee makers, so they’re a substitute for other coffee pods. Like the innovative K-Cup® coffee manufacturers we are, we’ve even made some improvements that make for a more enjoyable coffee experience, so don’t be surprised if you become your customers new go-to brand for coffee pods.

How does collaborating with Intelligent Blends work?

That’s up to you. Intelligent Blends not only manufactures but also can do the R&D/formulation work on your blend, as well offer assistance with artwork development, and even 3PL/fulfillment. Once you decide the level of service you want, we align with you and communicate through the entire process. 

Can you customize the flavor of these custom K-Cups®?

Yes, you have the option of using one of our 50+ house blends, or you can customize your roast that suits your brand. You’ll find that we have 1000’s of flavors and ingredients that can be combined to create a unique flavor profile. Our R&D team will work with you to make sure your roast is just right.

What other packaging options are available?

In addition to our K-Cup® packaging service, we also offer several other packaging options including stick packs, coffee bags, and bulk powder pouches, so you can offer a full range of solutions to your customers. We also have several carton options—including 2 to 24 count nested cartons and 36 to 136 count bulk cartons—for samples, retail, and eCommerce. We can help you determine which packaging solution is best based on your goals and customize it to your specifications and branding.