SAN DIEGO, December 30, 2022 ‘As they kick off their 10th anniversary as San Diego’s premier manufacturer of single-serve and bagged beverages, the team at Intelligent Blends proudly reflects on a decade of excellence and looks to a future rooted in best-in-class customer service, innovative product offerings, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Established in 2013, Intelligent Blends is the brainchild of CEO Michael Ishayik who, at the time, was operating Reel Picture, a CD and DVD manufacturing company in San Diego. It was on a fateful visit to an Apple store, where Ishayik was struck by the realization that rapidly evolving technology’”especially the world of streaming services’”would soon affect the demand for his services. The world was changing, and his business focus would need to change as well.

Quick thinking and an innovative spirit led him to leverage Keurig’s expiring patent on K-Cups® and to take a leap into the world of coffee packaging. Fast forward 10 years and the company’s capabilities and offerings have expanded through a robust R&D lab; the success of its flagship brand, Maud’s; and valued co-packaging, hospitality and production partnerships.

Intelligent Blends K-Cup® and bagged beverage options have expanded to include stick packs and gusset pouches. The company’s R&D services have helped partners turn their vision into high quality products that can be found throughout the coffee and tea, functional ingredient, broth, cocoa, creamer, and cider markets. And that list just keeps growing.

Through all its successes, the company has never lost sight of its passion for doing the right thing, particularly in the areas of sustainability, fair-trade partnerships and certified organic practices.

In 2020, Intelligent Blends upped its sustainability game by adding 700LG panels to its San Diego headquarters, making the production of its Maud’s Coffee & Tea brand 100% solar powered. Riding the momentum brought on by the behemoth project, the company aspires to be completely carbon neutral by 2024, doubling down on its commitment to earth-first practices.

‘œEverything we do at Intelligent Blends is anchored in our commitment to being innovative,ethical and environmentally responsible,’ says CEO and Founder Michael Ishayik. ‘œAs we celebrate this 10-year milestone and look ahead, I’m excited to continue growing as a team and thriving as a company. The next 10 years are rich with possibilities, and I look forward to continuing to serve our customers with the same passion and commitment that have gotten us where we are today.’

About Intelligent Blends

Intelligent Blends is a privately held, sustainable manufacturer of single-serve and bagged beverages, including coffees and teas, based in Southern California. The company offers co-packing and hospitality solutions for partners worldwide, while boasting several in-house brands that are distributed through select e-commerce and retail sites. With a commitment to creating high-quality, sustainable options for customers and partners, Intelligent Blends offers unmatchable services and products that are easy and cost-effective, while never losing sight of the infinite possibilities that come from flexibility, innovation, and a passion for what you do.

For additional media information about Intelligent Blends, LP, contact:John Lenz, VP of Sales,858-245-9265 or [email protected]