Published June 21, 2021

A white cup is sitting on the ground.

If you own a beverage business, it can be difficult to decide what kinds of product lines to invest in. After all, there are so many different iterations of beverage products, from pure coffee grounds to K-Cups® to stick packs. Where do you start? Well, if you’re looking to jump into a burgeoning market, choosing powder packet stick packs might be a smart, strategic move for your business.

Stick packs are single-serve packaging containers of instant tea, coffee, vitamins, and other beverages or flavorings. To make a beverage from a stick pack, you just need hot water. Then, combine the stick pack ingredients with the hot water and a stirrer, and ta-da: instant beverage! Pretty simple, right?

Besides the ease of use and accessibility for customers, stick packs are also convenient for sellers who want to send out samples of new product offerings to loyal customers or entice new customers to try out their brand.

Keep reading below for a comprehensive explanation of powder packet stick packs and how they can help expand the potential profits for your business. Or, use the navigational links to jump to a specific section you’d like to learn more about.


The rising popularity of stick pack packaging

So, what is a stick pack exactly? Well, they’re tube-shaped packets sealed at both ends. Usually, they have a perforated edge to make them easy to open. Besides the beverage industry, stick packs are also used for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. However, the food and beverage sector is the market segment currently spurring the growth and popularity of stick packs.

Here’s a quick summary of the different industries that use stick packs:

  • Supplements: Vitamins, protein powder, collagen, electrolytes, and energy powders are common stick pack products for consumers interested in health, fitness, and wellness. The stick pack’s portability makes it easy to slip into gym bags or keep up with a daily supplement regimen.
  • Pharmaceuticals: For single doses of pharmaceuticals, stick packs are an ideal way to deliver medicine to patients. It also makes traveling with the right amount of medicine extremely simple.
  • Makeup: Stick packs can also be used for cosmetic samples so consumers can try out a small size of a product before committing to the full-sized version.
  • Dairy products: Creamers, powdered milk, and yogurt can all be packaged with stick packs. Again, stick packs offer single-serving portions perfect for a nomadic lifestyle.
  • Spices and sweeteners: For the right blend of sweetener or spices, stick packs provide an exact, measured portion.
  • Beverages: Instant coffee, hot cocoa, and other beverage mixes can be provided in stick packs for convenient drink options that just require hot water.

As you can see, stick packs are in demand. In fact, 16 billion stick packs are expected to be purchased in 2021 alone. The stick pack packaging market is on the cusp of lucrative growth. The year-over-year growth estimate for stick packs is projected to be 5% to 7%.

And that’s just a conservative estimate! So, why are stick packs and stick pack packaging suddenly rising in the ranks of beverage products? More consumers want options that fit their lifestyle, which means single-serve packaging that can be taken on the go.

A white cup is sitting on the ground.

In addition, powder packet packaging is a convenient alternative for customers who don’t have a kettle at home or those who are traveling and still want their regular beverage. It’s also a great option for consumers who want an exact amount or need portion control.

Adding stick pack packaging into your business can help you reach a different set of customers and expand your market.

Why stick packs?

Stick packs are a worthwhile addition to your product line. Individual packaging offers an easy way for customers to bring their beverages around with them in a way that doesn’t take up a lot of space. But besides the small, pocket-sized convenience of powder packet packaging, there are many more benefits to explore and understand. And if you’re looking for a private label packaging manufacturer, below are some reasons to choose stick pack packaging services from Intelligent Blends.

A white cup is sitting on the ground.


Not only are stick packs an ideal way for consumers to make and sip a beverage on the go, it’s also a smart pick for businesses, too. Intelligent Blends’ stick packs ship nationwide quickly, so you don’t have to worry about long processing times.

When your customers place an order through Intelligent Blends, the order is automatically sent to the nearest fulfillment center. Ground transit time for fulfillment in the U.S. only takes between one and three days. Plus, you can also get your stick packs distributed and shipped internationally if you want to expand your market.

Benefits of stick pack packaging:

  • Single-serving solution: Customers don’t need to make multiple servings and waste excess coffee, tea, or other beverages.
  • Portability: Whether customers are at an airport, hotel, or elsewhere, they’ll never have to worry about missing their favorite beverage.
  • Easy to use: All that’s needed is hot water.
  • Product samples: Capture the attention and taste buds of customers at industry events.


When it comes to single-serve packaging suppliers, you might find your options are limited. But not with Intelligent Blends. We have a huge range of beverage options that go beyond your typical coffees and teas (although we have those, too).

Here are some of the beverage options you can choose from if you use Intelligent Blends as your single-serve packaging supplier.

Intelligent Blends powder, flavoring, or supplement options:

  • Beverage mixes
  • 3-in-1 coffee
  • Creamers
  • Instant coffee
  • Instant soups and broths
  • Electrolytes
  • Vitamins
  • Functional ingredients
  • Cocoa

A variety of powders can be packaged in stick packs and you can choose from a range of sizing options and quantity choices.

A white cup is sitting on the ground.


Working with Intelligent Blends means that your stick packs are customizable to your brand. You’ll be able to add your own branding to one of our existing blends or you can get creative and make your own. You can pick from different tea blends, herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, sweeteners, flavorings, and cocoa.


Sustainability matters. But sometimes, making ethical and sustainable decisions that don’t hurt your bottom line can be tough when you’re running a business. However, you don’t have to choose between eco-friendly and cost-efficiency if you decide to use Intelligent Blends for your beverage packaging needs.

Plus, Intelligent Blends follows sustainable manufacturing practices at our stick pack production facility. Our manufacturing objectives always abide by these principles:

  • Ensuring consistent quality
  • Responsiveness to customers demands
  • Increasing production capacity and capabilities
  • Implementing technology-driven systems
  • Enhancing our quality and efficiency through automation
  • Providing a state of the art working environment with a safety-first approach

And, stick packs are packaged in recyclable cartons so the materials can be reused.


Bulk stick packs are a great option for staying within budget and pushing your dollars further. This means that you can optimize your investment while still expanding the line of beverage products you offer. It also means that your products are more accessible to vendors who want to carry your line.


Just because our stick pack packaging is cost-efficient doesn’t mean we skimp on the details that impact your customer’s experience of your product. Intelligent Blends’ powder pack packaging boasts a high-barrier film that delivers a 24-month shelf life.

Why choose Intelligent Blends to manufacture your stick packs?

You might be asking yourself, ‘œWhy would I choose your brand over say… any other brand?’ Well, we are a private label wholesale coffee manufacturer that can help you grow your brand. We pride ourselves on our sustainability, superior quality, quick fulfillment, manufacturing excellence, and other services like research and development for new flavors.

Diving into the world of private label wholesale coffee and beverages can be confusing, but we take all the complexity out of the equation. Intelligent Blends is ready to partner with you to help grow your brand, expand your line of beverage products, or elevate the sophistication of your beverage blends.

Add stick packs to your product line

Stick packs are a growing market and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this trend. Modern consumers don’t always have the time to brew beverages at home using traditional percolators or other beverage makers. And that’s where stick packs come in. Stick packs offer a convenient, no-mess option for your customers to enjoy your beverage.

Intelligent Blends can help you with your business and help you take advantage of this versatile product line. Buy bulk stick packs today or learn more about what we pack and what you can create with Intelligent Blends.